Cited in the Boston Globe for his “dazzling, clarion brightness with elegant edges” and in the Boston Musical Intelligencer for “virtuosity and musicality that was simply stunning”, trumpeter Terry Everson is an internationally renowned soloist, educator, composer/arranger, conductor, and church musician. He first gained international attention in 1988, winning (on consecutive days) both the Baroque/Classical and 20th Century categories of the inaugural Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Competition, with further success as First Prize laureate of the 1990 Louise D. McMahon International Music Competition. Mr. Everson has premiered numerous major works and has released three complete recordings of numerous notable modern works for trumpet and piano, as well as single entries on two discs devoted to the works of Jan Krzywicki and John Davison; he has also recorded as soloist with the New England Brass Band, the Lexington Brass Band, and as Principal Trumpet of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

In addition to these accolades, Terry Everson also brings his depth of knowledge of the brass band, having previously served for eight years as Principal Cornet and Concertmaster of the New England Brass Band, including two years as Assistant Conductor and four years as Associate Conductor. He has also served as Principal Cornet and Concertmaster of the Lexington (KY) Brass Band, Soprano Cornetist of Brass Band of Battle Creek, and arranged for the brass band idiom. He has appeared as a soloist and on recordings of other brass bands across the globe as well, including the Brass Band of Columbus, Triangle Brass Band, Youth Brass Band and Youth Brass Ensemble, and the Chicago Brass Band, to name only a few. Everson also serves on faculty at Boston University, and brings with him an accomplished teacher’s understanding of the brass instrument.